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Friday, March 13, 2009

Bukit Panorama - 林明山

Located at Sg. Lembing Town.
Date - 28th Feb 2009
Time 5.15am to 7.30am

Start the hiking journey at 5.15am.. For hiker, its will take about 30 minutes to reach the peak.. But since i'm not hiker, I took about 1 hour to reach the peak.. I really hate to climb the stair.. there are "hundred" of steps stair lo.. haihzz... since is still DARK.. along the trail.. look up at the sky.. you can see Thousand of STAR STAR.. its so so beautiful... enjoying throughout the whole hiking journey....

the waiting time is most excited... but what we waiting for?? of course the sunrise, its will look like a yolk.. and another thing is the SEA CLOUD... wow.. these two things I never see it in my life till now... really be-waiting for it... tick tock tick tock..

Finally the moment come.. there is a little sunlight for a far.. unfortunately, so cloudy.. so its block the sun.. I only can see the sun light only.. but this experience also very nice already... When the first time see the SEA CLOUD.. its a WOW !!.. so beautiful... nature is so great.. !!!!

Definitely a infinity WORTHY to reach the peak.... Many hikers throughout the country came here to experience themselves this nice view.. I even can see got some foreigner... !!~!!!

I'm in heaven...


  1. ya.. there is heaven :D

    like some of your pic..
    wow... i can see love shape.. :p

    got chance... u can try to go Rainbow Waterfall... that 1... is SUPERB GENG CANTIK also...

    Can't Miss it..


  2. the last photo is really "Genting" in chinese (on top of the cloud)

  3. I'm a hiker myself and this place had caught my attention

  4. this is very nice place... really in heaven.. hehehe

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  6. nice place XD
    my fren n i are planning to go there. Is it easy to find a way to panorama hill from KL? Since when i searching through google map, i just found a way to sungai lembing


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