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Sunday, March 20, 2011

3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon

Its my 2nd time to be there...

This year its super bad weather... Its raining raining and raining... The balloon suppose release at 5.00pm but due to bad weather, its postpone until 6pm.. Luckily the rain stop.. Thanks god.. Its free.. So attract a lots of people.. Its so full of people.. The whole Putrajaya...

Just arrived - a little rain

1 Malaysia??

Its heavy rain but its doesnt stop us waiting..

We were accompany by many of them..

raining but we provide free drink.. Thumb ups for this boy..

Its 6pm - 1st balloon filling up with air...

Yeah.. 1st balloon is up up to the SKY..

Are you Happy? Dont be Sad !!

One of the balloonist testing the gas..

Night time.. Its so beautiful...

Ding Dong !!

Ending with FIREWORK !!

Be waiting for next year if you miss this one..


  1. its raining eh..the free drink contains free raindrops too?LOL

  2. semangat sia . . . u whole day for the hot ballon? XD


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