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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Glitterati Plus RoadTrip - Mini Gathering at Ipoh

Date : 12th Feb 2011
Venue : McDonald JJ Kinta City
Time : 12.30pm
Attendee from council : Shah, Fresh (Nuffnang's staff) - sorry cant recall your name, Tian Chad, Atreyu
Attendee from Blogger : Hafism, Hafiz, Faiz, Woolaesya, Ieda, Naser, Janice, KhaiZarien, Bro Framestone.

First of all, its long overdue post.. Thanks to Shah for silently let me copy and paste all the attendee name and blog URL.. hahaha.... phew...

I was late and arrived about 1.15pm.. But yet I'm not the last... Its my first blogger meet up.. really nervous and excited.. My heart pounding so fast and like get electric shock.. ha ha.. too over my description...

There is introduction by Shah. The introduction include what is Glitterati Plus? Purpose for this mini gathering? After that, the blogger introduce themselves to everyone (Name, How many years of blogging? Blog about?).

Basically Glitterati Plus is an addon of what nuffnang is doing now for blogger. Whereby Nuffnang is more concentrate at Klang Valley, Glitterati Plus wish to do some activities outside Klang valley. This trip purpose is to meet up with that area blogger and see what Glitterati Plus can do for them?

Of course we (non klang valley nuffnanger) wish more gathering (free movies, meet up, makan makan, sport activities).. Its a good chance for blogger to meet up.. Example, may be my neighbour is blogger + nuffnanger and we dontknow each other is blogger.. Probably we both meet up at nuffnang gathering?

Question started pop up - How Nuffnang advert works? How to maximise earning through Nuffnang? How should I place the advert column? What should I blog about to attract the advertiser? What is CPC? What is BE?

Then there nuffnang exclusive T-Shirt to give away... Wow.. everyone so eager for it... EXCLUSIVE... but only two bloggers will get it... a little disappointment from there.. My first thought, I wont get it.. A set of 5 questions need to be answered and the most correct answer will win the prize... I so dumb on it.. How can I win? Give up? Yeah !! But just simple participate lo... The question is not that easy or yet not that difficult (for certain of you)...

1. Nuffnang operate in how many countries? Name is if possible.
2. How many council in Gliterati Plus?
3. Name one of the nuffnang's founder.
4. How many BE you can earn in one time?
5. Back spell Atreyu blog address.

Ha ha.. Below were my answer of the day... how? Thanks to the council as there is hints.. hehehe....

(Checking everyone answer)

Oh my god !! with no hope during the participation, I won the EXCLUSIVE T-Shirt from nuffnang... its so great... Dont jealous.. Participate at next Gliterati Plus roadtrip + mini gathering.. Your turn to win it... hahaha....

(EXCLUSIVE Nuffnang T-Shirt) - Girl winner + Overall winner - 4/5

Guy winner - 3/5

Before leaving, a group photos and a surprise that we got free movie. Sponsored by TGV cinema. Oh.. Thanks Nuffnang + Gliterati Plus for the arrangement.... Yogi Bear...

Its a great mini gathering, and blogger from Perak.. please do join next time. According to Shah and Fresh, there is a lot blogger from Perak...


  1. I want that tshirt too! Nuffnang gathering is always so fun (: I didnt know you were from ipoh!


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