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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year @ 兔年快乐

This year is Rabbit.. Cute year... Good Good year ahead....

Happy Chinese New Year... Happy 兔gether ... Reunion with family is the most important in CNY.. I wish everyone pink of health... That's the most important.. With great health then everything will do...

How my CNY? Basically I really enjoyed my 9 days at home... Its so fruitful...

Happy Rabbit Year !!
Prosperity !!

Praying time - Wealth God

Simple Lunch - CNY day one
Prepared by my sister and me..

CNY day two - Lou Sang with relative

CNY Hampers

Dataran Pahlawan - Melaka

Thien Hou Gong Temple

Thien Hou Gong Temple

Pavillion KL

Pavillion KL

I hope my "relationship" will blossom
where is my Mr Right?


Today is Day 6 - Still in CNY mood.. I dont want to work first can? Lol... happy happy.. I will make my 2011 @ Rabbit a great year....


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