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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Monorail !! Monorail !!

Y'day is Monday (07/07/2008) .. I'm late to office for about one and the half hour (1 1/2).. yeah yeah.. This is because.. i stuck at the monorail station for more than 2 hours.. yeah yeah yeah.. i almost get crazy and start to be impatient..

I arrive at Monorail station Hang Tuah at 8am.. want to go Raja Chulan Station (which will stop at Wisma Genting)..

haihzz.. lazy to elaborate la..

just post the photo enough la..

(Ppl try to squeez in the train)
(every ppl pushing here and there try to get a plce in it)
(aunty calling somebody said - train jammed and packed.. will later later)
(ppl stand till almost fall down lo)
(i snap this from opposite track - ppl stand so out like dont scare fall down)

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