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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Egg Tart, Pasar Malam

Since i couldn't get at least an egg tart from my previous stop at Pasar Malam, Kg. Ikan Emas, Cheras.. I tot of drop there again for the egg tart..

I'm not sure how good it is for the tart.. as my previous stop at that Pasar Malam, i arrived there around 8.30pm.. but the tart totally sold out.. and many ppl queueing up for it.. so i tot why not i go there early and may be my luck will be better..
hmmm.. its fresh bake from oven directly from there... so definitely a very freshie egg tart.. and wow.. its hot hot hot.. !! the taste is so good.. yummy.. definitely.. will be there for the tart again..

I bought half dozen and cost me RM4.40.. so i think worthy for the penny.. difinitely a thumb up..

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