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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pregnant Man !!

Hmmm.. what a title.. !! this word flash to my mind when i open Yahoo and browse down the page at the TOP SEARCH column.. such an interesting topic.. due to my curiosity, i click on it to see what news will bump out... there are many many sites pop out at the result pages.. Mainly on about THOMAS BEATIE.. who is HE? or SHE? why this person stories rank top search? ok ok.. let's scroll down for a little intro about this person..

Thomas Beatie, 34, from Oregon, a transgendered man gave birth a baby girl (Susan Juliette) by caesarean on 3rd July 2008. He was marry to Nancy, 45, who not able to pregnant due to hysterectory. Beatie who formerly known as Tracy LaGondino is legally male was once competed at Miss Teen USA pageant represent Hawaii..

Beatie was born as female become a man in his 20s. He is merely a woman who lives on the outside as male but everything on the inside is female. He kept his internal female reproductive organs.

Beatie and Nancy decide to have complete family so decide to have their own children. Beatie had stopped taking his testosterone injections and started getting periods again after eight year break. Used a donor's sperm and Beatie's egg to get pregnant through artificial insemination.

There are many people comment on this issue whether the couple want to create publicity or haox? at first, many ppl tot Thomas Beatie is naturally a MALE.. so definitely this story can hit due to ppl curiosity on a MAN / MALE get pregnant?? wow.. but in fact the truth still out there.. a female did a transition to male and get pregnant.. where HE is naturally born as a SHE.. so not a big deal where Beatie got pregnant...

Some did comment that why HE want to get pregnant whereby the couple can adopt a children.. this is much easy and without goin into all the -hu-ha-.. coz the Beatie's baby girl also not originate from Beatie and Nancy... hmmmmm.. deep thought of this.. at least SUSAN is Beatie's baby.. if adopt.. totally not belongs to the couple lo.. right?

Anyway. some ppl do comment on the health matter for Beatie's pregnancy.. If the mother's body is full of testostorone which is extremely harmful for the baby girl.. when the baby girl are exposed to excessive amount of testostorone as fetuses, the baby girl can be affected sexually and physcologically. the baby girl are usually born with masscriline or adroginouse genitallia (usually corrected through surgery). the baby girl often have male characteristics like excessive facial hair, deep voices, masculin body (height, broad shoulder..).. Even have hard time with gender identity..

want more? pls do ur own searching... i think just another person want to create publicity la.. hehe..


  1. wow, is it true? this 'man' looks exactly like a genuine male. :D

  2. well.. just another publicity.. a transgender and a lesbian story..


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