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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Juseleeno's Prediction for 18th July 2008

Since ever received a forward email from my colleague about Mr. Juseleeno's prediction, I'm always be-waiting of his nearer prediction to see whether will happen or not.. The nearest incident of his prediction was 18th July which is an big earthquake at Philippines where thousand will die.. hmm.. Today is 23rd July 2008 and nth disaster reported yet.. hopefully nth will happen.. (touch wood touch wood).. another coming soon prediction will be an earthquake in Japan which will cause 30+ metres high tsunami.. month of July still havent end, so Philippine and Japan ppl should beaware of the possibility that this disaster will happen..
I do pray hard these wont happen....
searching through internet about this prediction, really nothing further information about Mr. Juseleeno.. whereas all ppl discussing about this prediction in their own blogs.. really wonder whether this guy exist or not? Or just some hoax behind it? if really a hoax, what the reason behind it?

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