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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

How my CNY celebration this year?? Refresh my memory back.... really nothing much about this year CNY.... Since I started working on CNY 3.. so I missed quite a number of gathering with relatives... so no much big big meals for me.... I didn't feel much about CNY environment.. except getting angpow and see mother busy praying here and there..... Yee Sang I only had two... One with Family and another with colleagues..

I want to ask my mum permission to allow me to go travel during CNY for coming year.. I'm so boring la.... hehhehehe.. !!! But whatever also.. CNY must stay at home be with family.... like that only "meriah"...

(some decoration at office)

(Aunties "berebut-rebut" for the "shon")

(CNY special -ginger as big as my hand)

(Temple at Ipoh - yearly task)

(Two selections - plain or flower)

(Another selection of showing ur heart to GOD)

(Table setting for "CHOY SAN")

This small tree very difficult to get the flower.. I think more than 10 years I didn't see this small trees got flower.... I think lucky coming to my family.. this year CNY.. extra special that this small trees got star start flower....

(Me and MV during CNY 3)
This year CNY keep on raining... From the eve tilll CNY 5 or 6... then only started to feel the heat... good or bad?? Normally weather during CNY very hot de.. raining can get cooling a bit... but make all the movement very slow.... so since its rainny day.. I sleep sleep sleep all day long.... so lazy hor... hahaha....

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