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Monday, December 15, 2008

Sungai Klah Hot Springs - Sungkai, Perak !!

Spend a day with family last last weekend at this place during the HAJI holiday.... Still remember my first visit was about 3 years ago... really a big change happening at this place within these 3 years.. yet i still think the development not really so big coz there still a room for improvement.. # years ago the entrance fees was about RM5.00 but now RM10.00.. For this RM10.00 a bit expensive la... coz this place really nothing to shout about....

The Opening time clearly stated at the board.. just in case noone notice.. i mention here lo.. 8.00am to 10.00pm.. There also some kind of resort for staying.. available.. not sure the room rate.. but just feel it wont cost cheap lo..

We arrive about 9.30am and there already a lot a lot alot people queuening for the tickets.. and the car park almost full.. there also about 5 buses parked.. so imagine how popular this place is?... Since this Hot Spring getting so popular, definitely the crowd will be more and more.. But the Ticket Counter doesnt seems manage to capture all the crowd.. we had to squeeze in between everyone to enter and out the ticket counter.. so so "sempit"..

Before enter, just enjoy the "Hutan Khatulistiwa" at malaysia.. this route about 5 - 10 min walks.. depends on individual.... If dont want to enter the Jungle, there is alternative route which is the car route (the concrete).. Since i like nature.. sure i choose the Jungle route lo... hehe... so cooling and relaxing...

As people claim, this Hot Spring is natural.. But i'm really agree with it.. Unfortunately I dont have strong proof to support my perception.. so nevermind.. just let it be... The above picture i snap it before entering the Hot Springs Pool.. this is something like "injap" to control the water flowing...

The most interesting part at the Hot Spring is the Boiling Egg place... I saw people bring few dozen egg for boiling... waiseh !! so many... can finish eating or not??? we (5 of us) only bring "lima biji telur"... just for trying only la... eat so many egg.. over colestrol.. plus not sure the water really clean or not....

(my sister unplug the egg - haha)

(nice or not?? 3/4 boil only)

(Mom enjoying the foot spa)

(Daddy take care of our belongings)

Frankly speaking.. the hot spring pool really not enough to cater the crowd.. there are about 5-6 small pools around for people to foot spa or body spa... the management really need to expand the place lo.. if not really too crowded.. and please please... build more place for people to sit and put their belonging.. really limited place ler.... haihzzz...

(there is board stated the temperature of the pool - in between 30 - 60 celcius)

(one of the pool.. mostly people just foot spa la)

Beside the Hot Spring pool, the newly added pool is cold one.. and the Hot and Cold pool doesnt link together... The visitor has to walk toward the parking space to enter each other pool.. even though the pools just beside each other.. there is "pagar" across the boarder... what a good management !~!!!

(A giant sotong for Kid and Mini waterfall for adult - the water super dirty)

Time for lunch... Since the 1st experience we had in 3 years ago.. this time we didn't bring much food.. only bread, tuna and some fruits.. mommy want to cook some food de and bring in the gas.. but afraid the authority will stop us.. so prevent the food to be wasted.. we just bring in some dry food... Of course there is a board state food and drink is not allow to bring in.. but please la.. the restaurant or cafe is super super small.. how to "menampung" all the visitor??? plus the choice of food so limited.. isk isk..

Anyway.. partly i agree with the authority for disallow people bring their own food and drink.. coz M'sian still M'sian.. super super like dirty... this is to prevent those visitor simply "buang sampah"...

(Everyone so enjoy the foods eventhough just a bread - damn hungry)

(my dad and mom - take care of our belongings)

Its time to said Bye Bye and we alll already so heat up with the hot spring... faster faster.. wanna go eat eat already.... before that.. enjoy the few photos i had snap while walk out the Hot Spring...

P/S : From KL to the north using PLUS highway... exit at Sungkai Toll.. then just follow the signboard it will lead you to this Hot Spring.. ok? I think from Kl to Sungkai will take about 1 - 1.15 hours lo.. depend on the driver's skill...


  1. Beautiful and a good place to relax. I think I can spend the whole day here. The management should make a fortune by charging that kind of entrance fee. What a rip off.

  2. havent heard of this place b4 but looks quite developed now


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