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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sam Poh Tong - Ipoh !!

Cont my CAVING day at Ipoh during HAJI Holiday..

Sam Poh Tong... I'm sure nobody dont know about this cave as this is one of the symbolic cave at Ipoh... This cave consist of few temples in a row.. This cave just located at the main road and its easily found...

There is big and small animals for you to posing with them... hehehe.... got Monkey King and Zhu Pai Kai.. Of course my favourite is the sheep lo.. my represent ah...

Monkey King's house lo.. Shui Lim Tong !! hehe.. Finally i can get there without flying wor... izzit nice?? My dad very relaxing sit under the big flower tree.. and my mom almost fall asleep.. hehe..

Wish everyone of us got our Mr. Right at the right time and at the right place... hehehe... All the best for 2009... yeah !!!!

This is the first temple at SAM POH TONG.. along the same row there another two temples at the end... also got tortoise pond lo.. nice nice..


  1. This place looks familiar. Not sure whether I was there many years ago, as a kid

  2. It still look the same.
    Is the 2 giant fishes still there?


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