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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My lovely younger sister BIGDAY !!

This is delay post.. My sister birthday is on 18th Dec... just a bit lazy recently to blogging so i got many many overdue POSTING.. will be coming soon !!!

Happy Pig Day to my lovely younger sis... I bought her BREAD TALK's macha macha cake.. Suppose LAVENDER but too expensive so change bakery lo... frankly speaking.. this macha macha really cannot compare to the L = green tea lo.. arghhh.. why so expensive de.. !!

(Packing slightly different from those traditional one)

(macha macha - green tea + red bean)

(Birthday girl blowing the ONLY one candle)

(faster cut la.. still posing - haha)

(finally grab a bite of it - wow !!)

(The PigDay present !! so damn lots)

Get older a year jor.. so my lovely little sister.. wish u pretty pretty pretty forever... hiak hiak hiak...

1 comment:

  1. the cake very GREEN.
    I wonder it tastes like Veggie....
    Just kidding... Hope u don mind


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