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Friday, December 12, 2008

Yoke Fook Moon Restaurant - Ipoh Dim Sum

Most of people think of Ipoh Dim Sum, will think of Foh San or Ming Kok.. but but I dont like it lo.. hehe.. But this depends on individual la... i dont want to mention the particular reason of my dislike.. let's the eater to judge themselves.. My personally favourite is Yoke Fook Moon Restaurant (not so sure the spelling correct or not).. its located opposite Ming Kok Dim Sum.. This is the best among the best.. hehehe....

(Har Kau - only prawn prawn and very transparent skin)

(Har Mai - prawn prawn only)

(Fried Lobak Kuih - super nice)

(Egg Tart - super nice - hiak hiak)

(inside is prawan - very crispy)

(Wu Kok - made from YAM - crispy and not oily)


(Char Siew Pau - so so juicy)

(the filling so juicy and wow.. so tasty - yummy yummy)

I can say, IPOH punya dim sum is the best ever la... definitely cannot miss this if at IPOH or passby IPOH on time... very pack and crowded.. make sure be early.....


  1. yup. ipoh dim sum still the best. Waaa, wan to hv dim sum already. hehe...(^^)

  2. ho yeah !! my lovely dim sum...i miss you all leh...wakakkaa


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