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Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Supper + Breakfast !!

Supper or Breakfast?? I also not sure.. at this wee hours... seems late and seems early.. at this 2.27am for a person havent sleep... apa boleh buat?? tengah chatting, tengah blogging, tengah watch drama, tengah tu tu ti ti.. stomach got sound already... Find whole house.. still quite empty.. aiyo.. this month I havent go shopping for my grocery... haihzz....

(Hotdog Cheese Bun - RM2.60)

(Egg Roll Tuna Bun - RM2.80)

(A bottle of beer - RM1.50 - from Langkawi)

At least I'm refresh a bit la.. ok ok.. can continue all my activities already.. hahaha...


  1. I can't stay up that "early" anymore. Too old for that. Back when I was a student, I can stay awake pretty long

  2. that meal at that hour will bring "fatness" hehe

  3. Hey, where is the place?
    'Kat lam poh' or 'bah loh'???
    I want to take my parents there.
    I am sure they will like it!


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