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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Celebration !!

This year x'mas i dont have much time to hang around all the malls to enjoy the decorations.. so happen bump into ONE U and PAvillion a while.. so manage to snap some pic of 2008 x'mas decor.. hmm...

(All the above is from One U)

(Personal thinking - the most ugly x'mas tree - Pavillion)

This year my x'mas quite happening... there is two exchange gifts goin on.. 1st is with my colleagues which cost RM30.00 and 2nd on is with my ex-collleagues which cost RM15.00.. Celebrate x'mas eve at my frenz house party till 2am.. all the nice food, wine, jokes and gifts... its so much fun....

(I want all those gifts)

(got a little box - wonder what is it?)

(food food food !! half finish !!)

(The most delicious homemade spagetti)

(all the x'mas gifts belongs to me and my sister)

(Bought these two little gifts for the exchange ceremony)

So nice partying at my frenz house.. thanks for inviting me.. i'm really have fun that x'mas eve..

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