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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kek Lok Tong - Ipoh

Cont my post for caving at Ipoh during Haji holiday...

Think of Ipoh, think of Leng Lui, delicious food and importantly is CAVE... there is so many cave around Ipoh and worth to dropby for a short visit... Beside temple in the cave there also other caving activities such as offer by GUA TEMPURUNG.... the limestone is so unique which you will be so amaze by it beauty...

Its so cooling and relaxing while walking around the cave.... its been a long time I never dropby at this cave... this cave quite hidden place and its not near to the main road.. so surprisingly I saw a lots of visitors... proven this place already capture in many people's heart... including me..

(There is big "tasik" at the back of the cave)

(Frog's leave with the nice pose - haha)

(nice cave and very relaxing.. its so windy)

Just get a place around the cave and sit down.. enjoying the wind blowing.. its so so relaxing and cooling.... I almost fall asleep.. just nice....

There are some cute species of flower around the cave... enjoy the limestone and the whole environment.... HOW MANY PEOPLE TREASURE SUCH NATURE????

Most of people so fascinate about New Building, New Shopping Mall, New Cafe in the concrete world.. how about our nature?? If there is no nature.. will it be US??? Those are grass, those are just ordinary flower and those just can be foudn nearby my house... !! HOW MANY OF US REALLY STOPBY AND TAKE A CLEAR LOOK ABOUT OUR NATURE??

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  1. I love to be with the nature as well and caving is one of them.


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