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Friday, February 3, 2012

Play FT Island Malaysia 2012

Date : 14th January 2012
Venue : Stadium Merdeka
Artist : FT Island

KPOP !! Its so trending now.. Who dont know "Nobody" by WonderGirl? Who dont know "Sorry Sorry Sorry" by Super Junior?... Who dont know "Winter Sonata"? Who dont know Äutumn in My Heart"? ....

Majority of the Kpop singer must dance when performing live or MV.. But watching FT Island concert really give a different meaning to KPop ... This is band and no dancing... Lee HongKi the lead singer of the group really talented... The combination of Lee HongKi voice and the band really perfect... Awesome concert !!!

Thanks my little sister, introduce me this awesome band... Really make my eye open as different enjoyment for KPop !!!

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