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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant

Location : Near Asok BTS station...

This is my second visit to this cute cute restaurant.. How do I came across this restaurnt? One day while surfing I bumped into a website stated 10 cutie restaurant in the world... YUP !! this is one of it... Heard the name of this restaurant Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant ... The theme will be about condom and safe sex... But wht do cabbages means?

Quite good environment and food taste good too... But its a bit pricey !! Worthy to drop at least once..

Roughly direction : Get down at Asok Station, walk towards Times Square (will be on ur left), then after passby Times Square at first junction, turn left, then walk straight, the restaurant will be at your right.....

Best cheap beer !!

Standard added taste

Tom Yam Gong - 180 Bath

Gree Curry Chicken - 180 Bath

Stir Fried Rice Noodle
Its so delivious... Its look a bit more like our Kuey Tiaw...

Wow.. Its more than satisfy meal for two peoples

Decorations made from condom

Various condom packaging from different countries

This board stated very clearly, condom will be the souvenir for customer...
No guarantee is safe OK !!

Rice from the poor

Nice environment !!


  1. interesting restaurant! must go and try someday..

  2. lol interesting.. so do they give free cabbages too?

  3. That Singha beer cost RM 8.49 in Malaysia

  4. very very interesting restaurant.....


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