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Monday, August 26, 2013

Air Hangat VIllage Langkawi

Air Hangat Village Langkawi... A place you can "rendam" you kaki at a pool with hot water.. After a tired day, this is should be the nest activity... However, the whole place really wasted as the authority seems abundant the place...

Lack of maintenance and poor guidance... The place should be renovated before since my few years back visit.. The whole place quite nice but just no people taking care of it.. Really a waste.. Somemore this place is one of the attraction that show on map..

Ayer Hangat Village
 From roadside, you will see this sign big big.. should be wont miss turn.. 

Very dirty - supposingly can sit down at rendam your leg at the pondok there

Nice surrounding !!

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  1. Breath-taking view, perfect weather for a tour too


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