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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Scarborough Fish & Chips Langkawi

Before I went to Langkawi, I surf internet about food in Langkawi.. Many suggested this Scarborough Fish n Chips located at Tanjung Rhu... The reason is their superb delicious fish & chips.. Frankly speaking, I'm not a big fan or fish & chips and dont know how to taste it good or not.. Since I'm on my way to Tanjung Rhu, why not just dropby?

Thumbs ups @ Scarborough

Awesome view when eating your crispy fish n chips

Tomato, Chili, Pepper, Salt, Olive Oil

Fish & Chips

Calamari Ring

Garden Salad (FOC)

Beer with Freeze Glass

Act Cool !!

Enjoying the SUN !!
Its such a great place to enjoy a meal and its pack with foreigners.. Its popular among them... I like the fried, its huge and crispy... Yummy Yummy... Best pair with the mayonnaise and the beer... With the view.. its just like in heaven... 

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  1. There is actually a town in England that is called Scarborough and I believe this place got its inspirational from there. Very English Fish & Chip from what I can see.


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