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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fried Noodle @ Pudu

Always after gym, my stomach will give some sound... But eating heavily after gym is a NO NO NO !! Fat will follow you forever.. So I will control myself and just get some light to statisfy my mouth.. But that day on the way home and my sister keep saying the Pudu Chee Cheung Fun..

Oh god !! Food Food Food !!!... I told her, if the roadside got parking then we eat if not just drive away.. Why Why Why? there is a slot ngam ngam for my little car... huh... After parked, when walking in, notice many stalls close.. Oh !! Tuesday is off day for most of the stall..

Since we there, cannot go away with empty stomach.... Notice one fried noodle alot people.. and heard people choosing between chicken egg or duck egg.. cool.. and I saw the menu, rat noodle and glass noodle.. my favourite..

The lady boss take charge of the WOK

Fried Rat Noodle with chicken egg
 Look normal? Wait you taste it.. Is just simply delicious... If got prawn then this will be the best.. 

Fried Glass Noodle with Chicken Egg
 Not oily glass noodle... So yummy... with the combination of taugeh and Kau Chai... love it...

My panda eye call me to go home sleep
Definitely I will be back to try the duck egg fried noodle...

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