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Monday, August 12, 2013

Black Sand Beach Langkawi

Pantai Pasir Hitam or Black Sand Beach located Langkawi... Its not hard to locate through the map... But its a little far from Kuah or Pantai Cenang.. So make sure you plan well your itinerary.. If not you will end up driving whole langkawi just to go two destinations...

Why the sand is black? Its good question... Other black sand beach at other side of the world, cause by the volcanic ash.. But Langkawi black sand is a bit different because Malaysia doesnt has any volcano mount.. So how come this beach at langkawi the sand is black? There are two types of methodology about it.. One is the legend and another is the scientific explanation.. Which one is the truth? Go there and find out..

I been to this beach few times and started to feel disappointed each time my visit... The beach not as black as before and getting whiter.. Only center part of the beach is black... The black sand might wash out by wave or visitor collect it back (which i did it before).. If you think the whole beach is black, better dont put so much hope on it... Anyway, you still can capture beautiful photo here as the view is awesome... Dont just concentrate the black sand but the whole view..

My sister and I at Black Sand Beach @ Pantai Pasir Hitam

Me @ truly black sand corner

Sis @ not 100% black sand corner
Above picture show that only surface is black.. The water flow down wash away the black sand and white sand slowly appear... Hope people stop collect the black sand back... Anyway, I heard the black sand will bring bad luck, so think twice before bringing it back..

Left side of the beach
 I like this shot and this angle.. Too bad not manage to capture photo at this side due to the family is very enjoying at there.... So I move to right hand side of the beach...

Sis and me @ left side of the black sand beach
There is small fisherman boats parking at here.. I love the wooden bridge the most as you only can find it at small village.. The sun gave us a big smile but that doesnt stop me walk to the bridge... Its cause me a little sun burn overhere...

Sis and Me - moving toward the wooden bridge

Sis and Me - self construct wooden house
Before we reach the wooden bridge, on the right side, there is a wooden house.. Should be reside by some local resident or the fishermen.. The best part of this house is that, the layout.. For the outlook, its seems use all kind of re-use material (mix and match) to combine together and make it a house... The structure looks not stable but its still stand still.. Its seems can beat the windy weather nearby beach.. 

me @ wooden bridge
Me @ Beautiful wooden bridge

Mixture of black and white sand.. Beautiful !!
Thanks to the tripod so my sister and I can snap picture together.. hehehe !! Remember dropby here for beautiful shot...

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  1. must revisit oredy since my primary school time..hahahahah



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