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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Breakfast Station Langkawi

By the name already know its breakfast spot.. Breakfast Station located at opposite road of Pantai Cenang.. Due to this restaurant tight up with some hotel/inn/motel/resort nearby, so the place quite crowded during morning time.. 

People might ask why I still go for western breakfast since at Langkawi... Ramadhan month and at Pantai Cenang, choices really limited.. I did search online - forget what website said it has the best omelet so why not give it a try?

My sister really pandai posing
 You definitely will see this big big sign board [Breakfast Station] beside the road.. Very eye catching board.. Even you drive, you also will see it.. Of course not F1 speed OK..

My Day 2 outfit - seems a bit blur..
I like the overall decoration of this restaurant.. All is wood... ermm.. I dont know how to explain.. baliness or kampung style.. but if eat western breakfast, the decor not really match.. Eat Malay food then would be better..

Fresh Orange Juice
Black Coffee
Cheese Mushroom Omelet
 I'm a bit surprise of the omelet size.. abit little for the price.. Overall the taste it good.. Combination of capsicum, mushroom and cheese.. Perfect cook..

Big Breakfast
 The big breakfast really a bit normal.. You can get a really better than this anywhere..

Seems enjoying the breakfast !! LOL

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