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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Nuffnang Earning

Yes, my earning with Nuffnang didnt really promising or doing well. One of the point is I'm just a plain blogger. I blog like I'm writing diary, is for my own reading purpose. 

But joining Nuffnang and literally I'm a Glitterati member, well its seems I have extra advantage on it. Anyway, throughout my blogging year and joining Nuffnang, I did gain something in return but yet I dont want to screw up my blog to make money like many of people is doing. I just stick back to my old way of writing a post as a leisure.

I didnt really blogwalk too that's is another reason my blog didnt make it to hall of fame... Yeah Yeah Yeah !! Main reason is my post is BORING !! lol... 

As I said, my main purpose of blogging is to record down my own feeling, my memory towards things and share my picture. So that I can flip it back anytime and anywhere... YES !! Anytime and anywhere - thanks to smartphone and the brilliant apps..

In year mid 2010 until mid 2012, I'm quite active in blogging world and gain a lots from Nuffnang. Even though I dont have any food review invitation, product launching special invitation or blogger award pass, I did enjoy free movie almost every month by joining simple contest. Got to meet blogger in real life (just from afar) but shy to talk to them... 

Even though I'm nobody to all of you, but to those blogger who talk to me via online, I do remember you.. I might not dropping at your blog everyday, but some some sometimes...

I been slowing down but not totally MIA. 

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