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Monday, July 8, 2013

Green Apple Cafe Sri Petaling (Closed)

IMPORTANT NOTE - This is delay post

Bought a value deal at [mydeal] and here am I at this super cool music cafe. Dine-in once, but in love with the environment but there is a cons on it.

Green Apple Cafe Sri Petaling (same row with Caring Farmasi).
The deal is RM16.90 instead of RM39.20 consist of main course + starter (mushroom soup) + desserts (ice-cream/chinese herbal jelly) + drink(jasmine tea/root beer/coke/three layered milk tea/100 plus)


First impression when I walk-in, wow, so empty. Will the food delicious? Will it survive since look like no business? It is really a live band music?

There a lots variety of drinks and foods for you to choose.. I look at the menu, I'm quite impress on the varieties.. I beat you definitely can get what you want to eat and drink...

Since it is a deal and a set meal, there already provide another menu for me to choose what I want. And the live band just started. FYI, I arrived around 9pm. There were two guys at the front stage and one of them playing the piano. Both of them can sing well especially the guy without playing any music instrument. Actually its quite weird when there is a live singing but audience just you. I wonder will they sing when there is noone or just one customer? Perhaps wrong location otherwise business will be good because singer is good and the food is good too.

Grill Fish Chop with Peach - Black Pepper sauce
Grill Chicken Chop with Peach - Mushroom sauce

 Overall, great dine-in experience because food is delicious so the cause the deal very worthy.. While dine-in, chit-chat with friend, you can enjoy the music. So why not walk-in again?

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