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Monday, July 15, 2013

AS Wang Steamboat @ Cheras

The best steamboat I ever had.. Yup, in my opinion.. I'm not always go to steamboat.. Mostly tried few and just one or two times.. So AS Wang Steamboat is my favorite now.. I definitely will dine-in there whenever I need steamboat.. When is the winter time for Malaysia? Lol !!

Bought a deal and this deal really brought me happiness.. Lol.. macam too "Over"

Steamboat set for 2 pax and fried wantan at RM19.80 instead of RM38.00
You may choose free refillable soup - Tom Yam, Herbal,Seaweed and Wine, Porridge and Clear Soup.

Steamboat Set for 2 pax
Fried WanTan
The fried wantan really so crispy and delicious.. I think its one of their signature.. Dip it with mayo sauce, its super delicious.. One is never satisfy my mouth..

Meehoon + Yee Mee + 2 eggs
 Best friend forever and that never leave anyone behind.. Whenever you go for steamboat, these companion never left behind..

Assorted fish balls

 My own preference will goes to Herbal Soup.. Its the best among the FOC range.. There are some soup you need to add money.. I might try it in future if I'm already bored with Herbal.. So far, its still my favourite..


So why not head down to Taman Cheras AS Wang Steamboat... Its open air so dont worry of the heat..

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