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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup @ Melaka

Definitely cannot be miss this... SATAY CELUP... its not really normal satay we eat at mamak stall or any restaurant at KL... Definitely different... Its truly Melaka / Malacca...

Its like chinese version of "Lok Lok" or steamboat... But its no a soup but a spicy peanut sauce... Once try it.. you will fall in love with it... But not guarantee ah...

This is one of the famous satay celup shop in malacca - Ban Lee Siang at Ong Kim Wee .. Always pack with people especially weekend... RM0.60 per stick... eat all you can... But please pay per stick... hehehe.. How many sticks you can eat??

Rm0.60 per stick

Just throw everything inside and wait it blurp blurp...

Seriously.. looks normal but very nice drinks...
Liong sui... herbal tea...

We both have about 40 sticks... geng ah?? OK OK la... hehehe....

Date - 08/01/2011
Time - 6.30pm
Venue - Melaka


  1. 0.60 per stick is cheap~~ at johor always 1.00 per stick le

  2. Satay celup capitol pon ramai orang.. Hari2 orang beratur panjang..

  3. I heard this is one of the best in Melaka, I havent get the chance to try yet ):

  4. satay celup...also long queue de... don't like to wait..but...it's worth to wait la..=P


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