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Monday, January 10, 2011

Nadeje Cafe @ Melaka

Last weekend [08-09/01/2011], hang around at Melaka... Its was my 1st little holiday for 2011... Should be more to come... There are many food to explode at Melaka especially non-hawker style food... This round, instead of tasting chicken ball rice, cendol ice and satay celup.. I got some other food else for you to craving for....

1st stop will be the very famous cake shop.. Well, this shop not only sell cakes but other foods as well.. But its famous of the Mille Crepe Cake... When I first saw this cake while surfing around Internet.. I hardly cant imagine the taste like... You got to taste it yourself only will know...

Well, I'm not good at explanation and describing in words.. But one bite definitely you will in love with it... I taste 4 flavours and very in love with the Original... Its smooth and rich of taste... Its stay in your mouth... its so exciting.... Like a tissue... Its not melting in your mouth but your heart... so sweet....

Original Mille Crepe - must try - smoothenly melt inside your mouth

Green Tea - Really japanese style of taste - definitely for Green Tea lover

Cheese - Lemon + Cheese is perfect combination

Strawberry - Sour + Sweet with fresh strawberry - definitely will win your heart

Only Malacca.... Will be back for others flavour... Oh gosh !! I'm in love with it.... P/S - its totally own opinion... Dont blame me of over rating ok... But whatever.. really worth to try.. All cakes price range from RM8.00 to RM10.00... Expensive?? I dont think so.. Its layering mille crepe... Can you imagine the cake making process?? Definitely worth the $$....

Location - Upper Floor at Dataran Pahlawan and Plaza Mahkota....


  1. I was in Melaka too on 8-9 January. But not for leisure purpose. Went to Ayer Keroh for badminton championship. Really hope to explore Melaka properly

  2. Welcome to Melaka. Please come again and again.. :)

  3. original mille crepe looks nice! nx time I go melaka, u better take me go eat! nyahaha

  4. orh... mille crepe..!!! I've never try it before....i was craving for it...>.<


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