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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Simple Coffee @ Kampar Perak

Restaurant Name - Simple Coffee
Located - Bandar Baru Kampar (Next to Old Town)

The name already mention simple coffee.. The cafe mainly serve coffee, simple snack and limited choice of cakes... The decoration very attractive and its want to sip a coffee for relax... Its a good choice too... My cousin and I arrive around noon so not many people... Good for us to have a short chat...

Simple Coffee Kampar

Simple Coffee Kampar
Numbering tag
Simple Coffee Kampar
Coffee Type
 If you are beginner, you may look at this board to choose the coffee that suit your taste...

Simple Coffee Kampar
Lazying corner...

Simple Coffee Kampar

Simple Coffee Kampar
Latte - coffee flavour not that strong
Simple Coffee Kampar
Cappucino - I like to foam

Simple cafe with simple coffee... Even it is still not up to par.. but at this small town you can have a sip of this type of coffee yet price is consider reasonable.. Still acceptable...

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