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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy Ending Year 2015 !!

Happy New Year !! See you in 2016 !!

Its been quite some time I didnt update my blog.. More or less about 1 year MIA.. Within these 2 years been inactive... There are so many things happened throughout these two years making life like a sitting in a rollercoaster..

The most sad thing - Mother passed away and make my whole family's life upside down.. Need time to get away from sadness... Its not that easy as father miss her so much and so do us !! We dont dare to ask him during "that time" or even mention anything about mom... We tried to keep him away from thinking about mom like move him to KL and put away thing which related to mom like picture... I think he keep it into his heart too as dont try to make us worry.. Since he dont want to talk, we also dont talk.. Otherwise, all of us dont know how to deal with it... Times fly away... our emotion get better...

The most happy thing - Bought house and move in... Finally a place can call HOME at KL.... Now spending money need to think twice.. Cannot simply spend because grab a big big debt... First time buy house, from selection, pay deposit, checking defect, renovation and moving in... Really a mess to me.. But well, I learn and I move on...

Travel - Finally I got chance to travel oversea after so many years... I been to Sichuan, China during early autumn and totally in love with the place and food... First time go to cold weather and lowest is -2 degree... Freaking cold... But the view is spectacular.... Chengdu - kangding - Seda - Maerkang - Chengdu... If got chance, definitely will back again.

After so many years of blogging, I notice I didnt improve at all in blogging thingy.. In term of snaping picture, filtering picture, wording and so on.. Well to certain extend, there is good and bad.. Back to my blogging intention is for my own viewing as I just need a platform to write and share something so that I can easily view it back in future. Therefore, my wording just as layman as it is. Bad thing is, OMG !! Totally no improvement on myself !! What a sad thing which I think I need to set it as year 2016 resolution.

I dont need to be a professional blogger, but I think I need to see some improvement too. 

Cloudy !! Please dont so lazy !! Wake up Wake up !! Dont always sleep !! Exercise more !!

Gambateh in year 2016 !!

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