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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Secret Garden Living, Wine & Dine Ipoh

I purchased a set 4 course meals for 4 persons through Groupon and about RM20.00 per person. Nowadays money pocket quite tight and due to GST, all items increase price. In order to enjoy some specialty or luxury, I always search through discount offer.

The highlight of this restaurant is English cottage-inspired restaurant with natural lighting, garden, and available Wi-Fi.which quote from Groupon. I'm so excited and cant wait to pay a visit as browsing through Internet, the cafe quite nice.

I arrived at 1pm as the voucher stated time utilised between 12.00pm to 3.00pm. Its located just beside Ben & Lynette Maison Patisserie and nearby KPJ Hospital. By outside I look at it, I think its operate during night time and more happening. When I walk-in, its look very English style of decoration. I think night time will be better with the light on.

Menu for Groupon Voucher

My sister very pandai posing

My sister and I


Secret Garden Living, Wine & Dine
Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread

Original price for this mushroom soup is RM15.00. WOW !! So expensive for this diluted canned mushroom soup.. Its tasteless. Super cheap mushroom soup. I buy one canned mushroom soup also can cook better than this !!

Ipoh western food
Pan-grilled mackerel fish fillet

Original price RM28.00 .. Frankly speaking, the fish taste OK with the (I think) garlic sauce. NO GOOD is the mash potato with no sauce given, and its cold. The salad is without any dressing. Corn not juicy and its like drying up.

Secret Garden Living, Wine & Dine
Old-style fish and chips
Original price RM20.00.. OK for this but just one slip of dory fish? Seems too little.. Even Tony Romas set lunch of RM19.90 also will give 2 pieces of fish.

Oven-roasted boneless chicken
Original price RM31.00... WOW !! Dont cheat by the photo, the actual chicken chop size really very small.. If this could big portion, my rating for this could be higher... Taste wise OK.

Ipoh Bakery
Chocolate Cheesecake
Original price RM6.90 and its taste OK. No complain of this. 

Overall the meal I bought at Groupon is RM40.00 for 2 persons with the original price about RM135.00.. WOW !! One person for this set about RM70.00 if I walk-in and dine-in.. So expensive.. 

For the price I paid, I consider OK for this food quality.. But I'm not sure whether if walk-in and dine-in with their original price, will the food quality and portion better? Hmmmmm !!

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