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Monday, December 7, 2015

Allianz Pacer Run 2015

Date - 6th December 2015
Venue - Dataran Putrajaya, Presint 3, Putrajaya
Route - 6KM / 12KM

Adidas running dry-fit tee !! What an attraction? OMG the registration fee just RM30? Why not why not? 

Yes !! Its my last run for year 2015 which is a fun run of 6KM. Recently I didnt go gym that frequent so suppose to upgrade or maintain it about 12KM run but I decrease it to 5KM or 6KM only. At least I still joining rather is NONE.

When I went to collect the bib number and running tee and I saw the adidas tee with so good quality, I was too happy that I'm register it even though just for 6KM. evil to the max !!

Wisma OCM
BIB collection at Wisma OCM

BIB number and running tee collection at Wisma OCM. Ermm, looking at the collection point, you know this is just a small scale of run.. Yeah !! because collection space quite small.. 

Allianz Pacer Run 2015
Adidas dry fit tee
Paid RM30.00 to get this Adidas running tee, pretty cheap. Yes !! My mind pretty cheap.. hey !! sign up for running not for the tee OK !! LOL !! well, goodies do play an important roles to attract runner
Allianz Pacer Run
Start / Finish point

Well, Flag off time is 7.15 sharp.. Its consider early for 6KM.. if you are pretty fast, before 8am, you already arrive the finishing line.. The sky still not completely bright and air cooling, so nice.. The timing is perfect as its not hot and sunny.. 

Allianz Pacer Run 2015
Finisher's goodies

All finisher for 6KM and 12KM will entitle the above goodies such as Allianz Pacer Run 2015 medal, one bottle of mineral water, a pack of food which consist of banana, bread, karipap and kuih, certificate for 6KM and ecert for 12KM with timing

Allianz Pacer Run 2015
Giant Banana

Last medal for year 2015

My sister - Yeah !! I make it !!

What an expression !!

A giant 3D art showing KL metropolitan and you really need a skill to snap it nicely..

Presint 3
My sister + I - JPN Presint 3 Putrajaya

my sister - Bungy RUN - a good try

my sister - Fail !! Too hard

Bungy Jump
my sister - Fall down is good !! Strong resistant

Bungy RUN
My sister - Souvenir from the fall

My sister - Free 100+ and Cotton Candy
This will be my last run of year 2015. I do hope can do more in year 2016 as I like go joining running event.. Just need to find those with better goodies and affordable fee.

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