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Monday, January 11, 2016

Pantai Klebang Melaka

Frankly speaking, throughout my 3 years of stay in Melaka (studied at MMU), I just went to Pantai Klebang few times, probably 5 or 6 times. After so many years (10 years), I paid a visit to Pantai Klebang on 19th December 2015.

Most people will dropby there because of the coconut shake. But I'm not. My purpose is to go see the [Timbunan Pasir]. I saw at Fabceook recently where people share the view, wow, its look like at dessert.

Previously, I didnt know you can watch awesome sunset at Pantai Klebang. Now I know. Who do know? Go there and take a look by yourself. You will be amaze toward the Nature of GOD.

There are so many you can do at Pantai Klebang. The wind blowing quite steady and allow you to play kite. It is pretty easy even a kid age 5 also can play. Just choose your favourite cartoon, then let it fly up to the sky. Secondly, blow the bubble. Of course doesnt need to blow it yourself. The wind strong enough to assist you. A lots people is playing the bubble and it create a great view. Suitable for whole family and its fun.

I heard nearby there is Hotel Bustel which the minibus or van converted into Hotel and restaurant. You can walk around at Dataran 1 Malaysia as many stalls selling all kind of stuff...

I dont have much time to explore the whole Pantai Klebang yet. So reserve for the next time. 


Pantai Klebang
Kite Flying

Pantai Klebang
Bubble Bubble Bubble

Angry Bird
My sister enjoying ANGRY BIRD KITE

Pantai Klebang
Enjoy KITE and Sunset

Kid happily playing bubble

Klebang Beach
Bubble everywhere at Pantai Klebang

So many KITEs

Dataran 1 Malaysia
My sister enjoy the sunset view

klebang beach
My sister with the bubble

Klebang beach
I'm in love with bubble

klebang sunset
Awesome view

Sit back and relax

Its a worthy place to sit back and relax. Highly recommend to come Klebang Beach watch the sunset and enjoy the wind... Remember bring some F&B, picnic mat and etc.. But now worry, plenty of foods stall available nearby...

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