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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Magic Art Musuem Bayou Lagoon Park

Magic Art Musuem
Theme - 3D Trick Art
Location - Bayou Lagoon Park Melaka
Address - Jalan Wakaf, 75450 Melaka, Malaysia (WAZE app can guide you to there)
Visited - 19th December 2015

I bought a deal at ensogo whereby include Eco Tree Hotel and entrance pass to Magic Art Musuem 3D Trick Art.  This is my first time to go 3D art musuem. I seens alots people share their picture whereby its really look real. You really need to be creative when snap picture in order to looks real. Otherwise like me, picture looks so so and need see the example given to pose. 

Bayou Lagoon Park
I believe I can FLY
I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky !! This is the most famous Art. Who doesnt wish to has a pair of wing so that can fly as far as possible and as high as could. My wings currently is hidden, sometimes somewhere I believe it will appear !! Just be waiting ... 

3D Trick Art
Magic Art Musuem 3D Trick Art

The entrance fee or ticket fee is RM25.00 adult and RM20.00 children / senior citizen. Operating hours is 10am to 7pm (Monday to Friday) and 9am to 9pm (Saturday / Sunday / Public Holiday)

Ticket Counter
Ticket Counter

Wow, from below you already know I'm lay down to pose it. After snap the picture, you just rotate it and tadah... Actually my head should pretend to watch down so that my hair wont like this... 

Melaka 3D
Dont watch below
Dont freak out, its fake. Is this look real? Half painting draw at wall and half painting draw on floor. Go there have a look, you will be amaze. 

3D waterfall
Do I look like being lock inside glass?  Genie in a bottle concept is so cool.  This painting the colour combination is nice.

3D art paint
Genie In a bottle

melaka 3D
Hollywood Red Carpet

Earth Rocket
I want to leave this universe
Ouch !! So pain... The kick damn strong !! You want to feel it, go ahead.. 

Kick Boxing
Wow !! Actually nothing inside.. LOL !! Now you see it, now you dont ... Dont disappointed. Go aim for real peek..

Peek a BOO

bayou lagoon park
Snow Cave
Finding missing puzzle in my life. Found? Of course no !! That easy? hehehe !! Enjoy playing the giant puzzle.. ermmm.. Play a guess, who is him?


Totally spend about 1.5 hours. Its could less or more. So its quite depends how you play the shooting. Since is school holiday, the place quite crowded.

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