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Friday, February 26, 2010

Status from "Single" to "In a Relationship"

Its been a long long time that my status remain as "Single"... Even though this status sound attractive as Freedom is in your hand.. But do I still wish to maintain this status? Previously, I'm not that ready to involve in 2 people world after the failure of my so-called relationship.. I felt that there wont be any "True Love" around.. Do someone really willing sacrifice for someone?? [sound like in the movie only got]... So all these years, I concentrate on work & travel and mix around with people... I do enjoy these few years...

As times flies, I see people involve in relationship and marriage.. I see all my friends found their another half, really can feel their happiness.. Then I think I'm ready to be "In Love" again... My "cupid" treat me very good, as when I'm ready, I found "U" my dear... The timing really perfect.. Its like "U" are waiting for me...

Dear, I dedicate this songs to you...


  1. waaa, long time no update~`` suddenly in a relationship...ooo, tat's why no update becoz in a relationship~~~

  2. Falcon - Thanks.. its SEEMS a good news..

    Xjion89 - its b'coz of my mommy..

  3. wow congrats =p happy chap goh mei


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