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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My weekend with Parent and Sister

Since Mooncake Festival fall on 14th Sept 2008 (Sunday), my sister and me take a day off on Monday so that we can go back hometown - Gopeng to celebrate the Tanglung Day with my Parent... hehe..

This year, my sister and I decide to do BBQ since so many year we didn't BBQ jor.. hehe.. So every year my mom will go Pasar Besar Ipoh to buy fruits.. a lots of fruits.. until we cannot finish it for one day.....

(Pasar Besar Ipoh)

Pasar Besar Ipoh - really a lots of memories... I went there always during my kid time... why why why?? coz last times, got one mall (very grand during my old days) named SUPER KINTA... really missed the Mall's environment.. hehehe....

So my first stop at the Pasar Besar Ipoh is Fruit Stall... yaya.. alots of fruits but no strawberry no kiwi.. hehe... mom like to buy fruits there.. but but just once a year.. hahaha.... the just keep recommend my mom all the fruits.. this that this that... and my mom keep say YES YES YES... and i keep said to my mom ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH... hahaha...

(assorted fruits - with various price)

(the hawker using every single space to place the fruits)

(so many bananas - not yet ripe)

(pineapples - wow - sweeties - sorry a bit blur)

(yummy apples - one of my fav)

(Mom busying choosse the best one)

(My sis a bit impatient with my mom - haha)

(Mom and Dad waiting the fruits to be pack and the bill.. my sis got the best spot to sit - haha)

My next stop is the Flower stall... chinese custom celebration.. flower is definitely cannot be missed... hehe.. big big big KEKWA is the choice....

(assorted flower - various colour - nice combination)

(mom is picking the best flower - sorry a bit blur)

So so the next stop of course to buy the chicken wings for the BBQ lo.. main dish wor.. hehe.. the chicken market is wet one just beside the indoor Pasar Besar Ipoh.... any parts of the chicken? u named it have it.. which part do you want ah?

(the photos do the talking - hahaha)

After the chicken wings.. the next stop is the shops selling all kitchen utensil.. from head to toes.. u named it u got it.. u cant imagine it also got... my mom want to buy "dunno" wat.. coz we left with empty hands.. hehehe... probably go there window shopping... i wonder how the shopkeeper can remember where the stock put.. so so so many stockss.. i think got thousand of it...

(the shops full of things - wonder how to fit into the small shop)

(every corner also full with stocks)

(even ceiling also fully occupied)

(even outside also fulll - too many stocks)

Then the next stop... wow.. so nice... egg tart - the most famous in IPOH... wow.. so lucky at 1.00pm still got the available.. i'm so lucky.. hehehe.. HONG KEE's egg tart... so yummy so full so heavy.. wow.. nice nice....

So the next stop will be the TANGLUNG lo.. hehe.. i want to purchase the traditional tanglung.. hehe.. me still child ah? look childish.. hehehe... nvm nvm.. i love traditional thingy... kakakaka

(This is the traditional tanglung)

(my father with the lovely tanglung)

okok... everything kau tim lo.... shopping for MoonCake Festive celebration done.. yeah yeah yeah.... done oledi la... hehe.. tired....


  1. Oh god....
    Super kinta!!!!! I can't believe it is still there. I have never been there for at least 15 years d. I used to go there when i was really young.


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