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Monday, September 29, 2008

Lavender vs Xi Men Ting voucher

Y'day went to Pavillion for a movie... with my gang of frenz... then passby Lavender Bakery.. my sister want to buy ROTI for breakfast.. okok.. but the ROTI so expensive de wor.. luckily i got RM4 voucher and can minus from there the balance.. hahaha.... okok...

i pass the voucher to my sister lo.. then hor hor.. after paid, she told me this voucher cannot use.. what?? why cannot?? the cashier said this is not LAVENDER voucher so cannot use at their bakery.. OMG.. what??

look clearly.. hahaha.. i really pass wrongly the voucher to her.... sorry sorry.. she said so paiseh ler.. paiseh paiseh.. after paid, she run fast fast.. hahaha

its my fault lo.. never see properly.. i passed my sister the xi men ting voucher instead of lavender voucher.. hahaha....

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  1. haha, luckily ur sis nv scold the cashier. last time my friend also like this, passed the wrong voucher to the cashier, when the cashier told him cannot use, he straight away yell said why cannot use, why this why that.. then only realized he gave the cashier the wrong voucher!!


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