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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Aquaria - KLCC - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Today (01.10.2008 - Wednesday) went to Aquaria at KL Conventional Center with my sister.. We bought the voucher at Matta Fair with cheaper than normal price.. But only valid until 12th Oct 2008 as this is Ramadhan promotion... Since today is RAYA holiday and off work... We decide to spend our day at Aquaria... hehe...

(Voucher - bought at Matta Fair '08)

(Aquaria KLCC - main entrance)

Inside the Aquaria display a lots of sea creatures and others.... some species really beautiful as its very rare and live in deep sea.. so hardly got chance to see it.. unless dive lo.. hehe.. As inside Aquaria, flashing by digital camera or any other camera is prohibited... i curi curi snap few photos and its clear... shhhhhh.... luckily the staff didn't see me... shhhhh...

(1st fish i saw when i enter Aquaria)

(sorry a bit blur - fish swim in group)

(fish in group - there is reason behind)

(stingray - correct spelling?? - normal size)

(frog - so geli ler.. the skin seems sticky)

(snake - nice post)

(rock turtle/tortoise - similar color with the rock?)

(spider with the nice web - to capture ants??)

(another spider species with the web)

(Nice frog - special species)

(lizard - stick at the wall)

(hairy spider)

(dunno the name - appear in the movie NEMO)

(NEMO gang)

(Sea turtle - beautiful)

(sea turtle - nice)

(very big big and fat fat fish)

(a group of fishes)

(assorted shell - normally i saw this already dead, now is alive de)

(very big big)

Beside see fishes, sea creatures, clood blood creatures and etc, there also shark feeding at certain time available only.. and also visitor got chance to touch and feel the baby shark and starfish....

(all visitor too excited when there is a chance to feel the shark)

(staff - tryin to attract the SHARK)

(Shark not come but giant stingray arrive - ho ho ho)

(very big wor the Stingray - bkful)

(see the bail? - inside got the dead fish to feed the SHARK)

Due to Public Holiday, a lots ppl visit Aquaria.. mostly family.. parent with kids.. hehe...

(People mountain people sea)

(I like this the msost - really beautiful)

I had a nice day at Aquaria.. If not so pack.. then will be better.. i got more chance and time to see clearly all the creatures and "curi curi" use flashie to snap nice nice pic... hehe.. shshshhhh.. me so naughty.. obey the Aquaria's rules... I think the camera flash will distract the creatures attention so that's why the visitor do not allow to use flashie.. hehe.. my own opnion...

Protect the nature... please... its so beautiful ok... before its too late... stop all the polution..... thanks.... love the nature....

(good pose - hahaha)

(in water terowong - underwater wor)

(wow.. got mermaid but is MALE - haha)

Great job to Aquaria KLCC... hopefully add more species and more activities so that everyone got the chance to see it.. educate people to create awareness to protect the nature... Add oil and gambate...

(Discover the beauty of the Nature)

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