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Friday, October 3, 2008

Kluang Station - Tesco Ampang

Yesterday (Thurs - 02/10.2008) dinner at Tesco Ampang with my elder sister and younger sister at TESCO AMPANG - Kluang Station... went to tesco search cereal packet for my dad... This is the 1st time I dine at Kluang Station cafe... Similar concept as Old Town but the menu a bit different....

Old Town cafe is origine from Ipoh Perak.... so so.. this Kluang Station izzzit origine from Johor?? We flip over the menu and not really can decide what to eat... hmmm.... cincincaicai la... okok...waiting for the foods and drinks to serve....

(Kopi Ice, Cham Ice, Teh Ice)

(from dark to light, from light to dark)

We all order nasi as very hungry lo.. hehe... but very limited choice.. or i dont like to eat.. so me and my younger sister order same nasi.... overall, presentation quite ok.. but the taste.. just so so only....

(Fish Curry Rice - quite salty)

(Nasi Ayam Merah - quite big the chicken - thigh)

(Nasi Lemak Ayam Merah - big big chicken thigh - notice? the banana left expired dy)

I wanted to try the Hainan Lamb Chop... the photos shown at the menu seems very nice... may be will try at my next visit.... hehehe....


  1. I been to Kluang Station once for the coffee. Strong coffee there

  2. nowadays people (not referring to u only but me also) are willing to eat at such places even its more expensive


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