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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fong Lye Restaurant - The Garden, Mid Valley

Date : 04.10.2008
Time : 12.00pm to 3.00pm
Attendee : Candy, Shalyn and Joanne
Venue : as mentioned above
Purpose : gather gather around lo..

We dont know where is this restaurant located.. which floor (1st, 2nd)? which wing (east or west)? so so.... on our way to look for Directory Board... we decide to going to the top flooor and have a look... so lucky.. just step out from the evelator.. we saw this restaurant... very crowded... pack of people.... we need to queue up and wait for few minutes for the place....

Saw Mandy's blog about this restaurant and I decide to pay a visit if happen I at MV.... So since this is the first visit.. and the menu very attractive.. i feel wanna try all the menu.. hahaha... The menu very easy de.. all got photo illustration... very good...

Since it is Taiwan restaurant... the menu is in English and Chinese description.. Easy lo... the pictures very attractive... Side dish, Main course, Drink.. every single... so here our order....

(add on Golden Ball)

The restaurant so packed and crowded... while waiting our foods and drinks to be served.. i look look and see see around... i saw almost every table order the GOLDEN BALL.. really so nice?? hmmm......

(Golden Ball - sweet potato)

Unlimited refill for the tea... RM12.00 for two cups.. Additional add RM3.00... quite expensive for it.... hehe.... so we refill refill and refill lo... to make it more worthy... hahaha....

(nice tea set - bottom have their logo)

Finally.. finally.. the food is serve... all of us order different different set.. so can taste more ma... hehe.. the portion quite big for Rice set... and come with soup, three mini side dishes.... the main course very big portion for a person... so the small eater.. can share share de....

(Standard set - RICE)

(Chicken - got marmite taste)

(fresh tomato fish with egg - chef recommendation)

(minced meat with mushroom - yummy)

beside RICE set... there also varieties of noodle set.... my frenz order Glass Noodle set with Duck... The duck nothing much special for me... the taste only salty... personally i dont like eat Duck.. but this one no taste of Duck... sister said like pork wor.. hahaha...

All the three sets between RM15.90 To RM19.90... I think quite a reasonable price for this type of restaurant... definitely will pay a visit again if visiting MV next time... hehe.. satisfying...


  1. thanks for the "kia siu". will check it out, if i pergi ke KL, the Garden, only been there once.

    lovely pictures and nice blog

  2. Didn't notice this restaurant in my last visit to the Garden early this year. The food looks good

  3. Refill refill refill water only. They don't put extra tea leaves.
    After a few 'refill', the tea is as clear as water, hor?

  4. eugene and borneo falcom - do dropby.. personally think quite..

    josephine - i refill 7-8 times.. still ok.. but i'm not sure whether they will add in more leaves or not...


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