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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

3rd Day at New ComPAny

After 3rd day of STOKIST training... interesting.. and have rough idea on how the stokist operation is.... today training is more toward the marketing and customer service skills...

Since i'm staff.. and all the stokists there ask me why I dont be a stokist instead of the staff as I know well the overall operation.. As stokist will be more profitable than be a staff... well well well.. its depends what individual's need and want... STAFF and STOKIST really two different things... STOKIST is more into own business as STAFF is more relaxing... me? not really keen to do sales job.. hehe.. I want more relaxing and free time to do my travelling....

Today's training is very interesting as I like customer service field... i learn a lots on serving the customers.. i'm still partly in customer service even though stokist is part of the staff... the marketing part is most interesting as really drag my attention whereby really motivate a bit to become stokist... see all the points and bonuses as everything grow... wow... May be one day i will end up as stokist.. hahaha.. who knows..??

Since I'm still in training weeks.. really a honeymoon week for me.. haha.. i will utlise the week for relaxing before start all the busy day... hehehe


  1. All the best!
    Hope you enjoy your new job!

  2. correcto mundo, enjoy the honeymoon week before it ends! :-)

  3. they were trying to recruit u lah


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