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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Langkawi - Day One - 18th Oct 2008

Trip - Langkawi Island
Date - 18th - 21st Oct 2008

Booked the flight on Sept 2008 with Airasia promo flight RM9 per way exclude all taxes.. Total return ticket include all taxes cost me RM122.00.. Then booked the Hotel + Island Hoping Tour + Car usage + Cable Car ticket = RM255.00 per person...

Flight depart from KL LCCT at 10.20am and its took one hour to arrive at Langkawi Island.. About 0905 arrived at LCCT to check in .. wow.. what a big different at LCCT compare to my arrival at LCCT May 2008 ago.. Just a few months only.. a big renovation is going on at LCCT.. i think due to the expansion la.. We use self check in machine as dont want to queue up.. everything also DIY lo.. so check in also can DIY.. hehe...

(Three little bags waiting patiently for departure)

Times up.. everybody queue up to depart.. good good good... free seating.. but no need to rush or run as every seat also very small.. hahaha... slow and steady.... no meal provided so there are varieties of food and beverages to choose from... already enchancing from time to time.. just a bit expensive compare to normal market price.. If long hours flight like 2 hours or 4 hours, nothing to eat or drink quite boring.. Since this is 1 hour flight, i dont get anything for myself..

(the word "SNACK ATTACK" already trademar)

(looks delicious right? yummy)

(multiple language - to tackle mass market - globalization)

Due to dosmestic flight between KL - Langkawi, the flight don't fly too high.. on and off I can see land, house and see.. compare to Oversea Long haul flight only can see cloud.. so beautiful to see the sea and island from atop... the feel like I'm top of the world...

(small small island around Langkawi)

Finally the flight landing at Langkawi International Airport... finally arrive already.. wow.. This is the first time I landing at Langkawi Airport.. First time walking at departure hall at Langkawi Airport... feeling so nice.. hehe.... Inside the departure hall there is a Tourist Centre.. a lots people walked to the centre and looking at all the maps, brochure and leftlet.. and some counters setup for those agent offering variety packages like touring, accomodation and car rental...

(Outside the airport - from Flight walking to Terminal)

(inside the Terminal at Departure Hall)

So after got all the necessary from my Agent.. we self drive to our budget hotel at Pantai Cenang.. Rest in the room until about 1.30pm.. we start our journey to explore the Langkawi Island... first stop will be Pantai Cenang lo.. the sea so beautiful.. blue blue sea.. cant resist to snap a photo... haha.. wanna jump into the sea but too sunny already...

(the Cenang Beach so long - can you see the END?)

(so sunny and hot - behind is my budget hotel)

(the whole beach is mine - dont take it from me.. hehe)

Since very hungry very hungry.. we just stopby at "cincai" stall to have our lunch... very oily food and due to our hunger.. all cover already.. its ok.. "cincai" for lunch.. later dinner.. wow.. seafood.. yummy...

(very cold - must cover with blanket)

After my late lunch at "cincai" stall.. quite late already.. hang around at Cenang as got a lots of shops can walk walk... then then spotted a very high-tech machine.. May be I "katak dibawah tempurung".. coz i never see this type of machine before... there is mass upgrading work going on at whole Langkawi.. Be waiting of the new face of Langkawi island....

(cement and sand will mix together and the outcome very nice lo..)

Since already about 5.00pm and all tourist places already close and we decide to go AWANA RESORT for a evening walk... Many will think why I choose AWANA and not other beaches? hehe.. AWANA very nice and relaxing place.. even though dont have beach... Nice layout of the resort buidling structure... clear water sea and a lots of fishes... yatches docking on board.. if lucky.. can see STAR CRUISES "punya" ship.. depends on the luck la... AWANA RESORT is the pit-stop for STAR CRUISES "punya" Langkawi Iteneary route.. I saw VIRGO at AWANA resort Langkawi few years ago... that was my first time saw so big cruise...

(Entrance to AWANA RESORT's lobby)


(small ship or yatch?)

(AWANA Resort's rooms' Balcony)

(my feet and foot and leg)

(cantik tak the AWANA Resort?)

Wow.. so relaxing at AWANA.. baring baring at the seaside.. angin sepui sepui.. wow.. almost fall asleep... but but my hunger cover it all... wanna fill my empty stomach first... yummy yummy.. mini seafood fest.. why mini? coz wanna affordable price ma.. budget ler.. hehe !!

WONDERLAND RESTAURANT at Pokok Asam nearby Kuah Town is my first choice for the first dinner at Langkawi... my sister introduce this restaurant to me few years ago and the price very reasonable... I still remember the first time my visit at this restaurant just a normal and mostly chinese... But this time.. 90% is mat salleh lo.. wow.. the menu still the same.. all price are fix at Small, Medium and Big.. some like fishes and prawn and crab will be per100gm lo.. depends on the current market price la...

(so that when pour that time, the cover wont close)

(Fried sotong - squid squid)

(Kam Heong Lala - look like dry chillie lala)

(Kailan with oyster sauce - look like "choy tam")

Oh opppss.. Oh Oh ooppp..sss .. wait a minute... something wrong overhere... we order Kam Heong LALA but turn out to be like that.. for us seems like Dry Chillie Lala... whereas the vege.. We order KaiLan but turn out to be "Choy Tam".. so so.. we ask for assistant.. the boss told us.. Order is correct and the dishes also correct.. Kailan become Choy Tam.. Kam Heong become Dry Chillie.. wow.. what a mix up and surprise for us.. since the boss said nothing is wrong.. so we continue to enjoying our meal...

(ching steam fish - look like teo chew steam)

Everything except the fried squid is different from our normal dishes and cooking.. so we wonder how the TIGER Prawn will be? we had enough heart attack.. hopefully the Tiger Prawn still Tiger Prawn.. dont come other thing else.. tadah.... luckily.. still the same.. hahaha...

(Tiger Prawan with sambal sauce - quite big)

Wow.. raining heavily after we finish our dinner.. cannot go back lo.. haihz... waited about 1/2 hours then no choice but still go la... because too late already.. about 10.30 lo.. arrive at hotel and still raining so cannot night walking at the beach, we chit chat a while and playing chor dee and drink some bacardi apple.. suddenly feeling hungary jor.. hahaha... my supper will be burger (Rm3.30) very expensive ler.....

(first layer is KOSONG - only chillie sauce)

(second layer - ae vege and mayonise)

(the whole burger - very yummy)

Even though expensive.. but the taste of the burger very nice.. cannot get it this taste at KL.. so for me quite worthy la.. hehe... at Langkawi got one famous burger.. EE burger.. the stall located at Pokok Asam.. but i dont have chance to taste it...



  1. It's been a while since I been to Langkawi. Surprisingly, the beach still look intact

  2. So nice. Can go for mini vacation again...

  3. I miss AWANA at langkawi already...You're right! It's a nice place ...

  4. dont really like awana langkawi bcuz the hotel has no wide beachfront

  5. wanwan,

    wow... nice ya... i had go langkawi past 4 yrs...

    really nice... all the food also nice... yum yum...

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