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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sushi King - KLCC

01.10.2008 (Wednesday).. After Aquaria visit and stupid breakfast at DOME.. hang around at KLCC a while... wow... so so fast... time for dinner... hmmm.. decide to have sushi lo... hahaha.. sushi king... always my favourite among the affordable price for me.....

(very big board - i can see u from far - hehe)

(1st menu - all ala carte)

(2nd menu - all assorted of sushi)

(Green tea - as usual)

(bamboo chopstick??)

(cannot be miss out - wasabi)

Just order very little food... coz Japanese rice. eat little will be very fulll...

(Smoke Salmon - RM4.00)

(Tofu - yummy - RM5.90)

(Tamago - my fav - RM2.00)

(Salmon Mayo with sesame - RM3.00)

Last but not least, order a set of chicken with special sauce and mix vegetable... the set include Miso soup, Chawamushi and Yakult...

(Chicken Set Menu - RM18.90)

Very satisfy meal.. yummy.. love Japanese food.. hehe.... muakzz... good good...

1 comment:

  1. Never been to Sushi King before. Will try after viewing this review


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