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Monday, October 13, 2008

DayssSSss @ Hometown !!

Back to hometown every month is a routine for me... normally will go back early of the month of first week of the month.. this month delay a bit due to 1st week fall on Hari Raya and i dont want join the traffic so decide to stay back at kl... very enjoying during RAYA week at KL as not much people and traffic was very smooth... so i back to my hometown (GOPENG) on 10th - 12th Oct 2008...

Day 1 - 10th Oct 2008 - 7.00pm
My bus was at 7.00pm.. since i early quite early about 6.30pm and felt want to eat sth.. walked around the PUDURAYA to find sth which can bring to the bus.. but seems nth i could find... Finally finally at the last minute.. i decide to bought "chiplak" roti boy and sweet corn.... hehe.. the corn is my favourite.. during cold cold day.. eat the sweet corn is the best.. warm warm de...

(imitation roti boy - of course not as delicious as it - cost RM1.80)

(Brand is "Daily Fresh" - available at many places - RM3.00 - not cheap lo)

Sharp sharp 7.00pm.. why why why? the bus havent arrive.. a lots of people waiting for the bus.. haihzzz.. due to raining and many bus stuck at the entrance and waiting for parking... stuck stuck stuck and jam jam jam.. the bus late already.. sigh....

(so many people waiting at their own bus lane... so patiently)

(my bus lane - that bus is 7.30pm de - my bus 7pm not yet arrive)

(illegal parking - this is one of the reason all bus delay)

(see the red/white bus? didn't move forward so behind bus cannot park in - refer photos below)

(the red/white bus cannot park in - so the blue bus cannot move forward - all jam at behind)

Finally my bus arrived and depart at 7.40pm.. late 40 minutes.. really damn the driver... plus so much jam on the road along to Jalan Duta toll... nvm la.. as long as the bus is moving.. i also cannot do anything already.. hopefully the driver dont drive so tortoise so that i wont arrive at home too late...

About midway to my destination, about Slim River.. a same company bus passed by us.. hmmm.. i think that was 8.00pm bus.. walau eh... 8.00pm also oledi cut us.. u can imagine how turtle we were.. haihz.. so slow man.. plsu the driver driving skills.. seems got problem.. he kept move to left right lane all the time.. he not really bypass any car also.. but he drive left right lane.. so dangerous.. i thought he might be sleepy... iskk....

Finalyl arrive oledi.. i also forgot what time already.... at last i arrived safely.. so hungry... time for dinner + supper... Gopeng Bus Station got one restaurant... this restaurant name never change since i was a kid but the boss keep on changing... RESTAURANT KAMTA.. open daily.. open till quite late time... this was my 1st visit for this BOSS... overall the food.. very nice... planning to the dinner dishes if i got time later on... the meal cost about RM19.00.. all noodle is single portion...

(wan tan hor - yummy and nice)

(Sing Chau Mik - Singaporean Bihun - a lots of ipoh fat fat taugeh - yummy)

(yee mee - this one so so only)

(chef recommended crispy tauhu - tauhu + fish paste)

Day 2 - 11th Oct 2008

haha.. wake up very late.. about 1030am and no time for breakfast.. as went to Kampar to cut my hair... booking time was 12.00pm.. so from Gopeng to Kampar took about half an hours... me and my sister cut almost 2 hours... haihzz.. so sien at the saloon.. so so lunch at Kampar.. wow.. the food is yummy...

(assorted yong tau hu - RM5.20 + the below one)

(Kampar speciality - not sure what it make of - but definately cannot be miss out this one)

(Asam Laksa - RM4.50 - almost like KL price)

(Roasted chicken rice + egg - RM3.60 - unfortunately is white rice)

(satay yau yu + ka ku choy - RM6.00)

At night, my mom went for wedding dinner and no cooking.. so me, my sister and my daddy went out for dinner.. since raining and dont want so many trouble, we went to our normal restaurant.. frequently visit de... already very familiar with the people at the restaurant... hehe...
Restaurant Fei Kee....

(Choy Tam - very nice.. got chinese white wine)

(Claypot tauhu - using local tauhu not the japanese tauhu)

(Butter crispy fish - yummy)

The whole dinner for 3 persons cost us about RM26.00.. hehe.. cheap ler?? very satisfying meals... good good...

Day 3 - 12th Oct 2008

So fast. time to go back kl lo... hehe... sleep until 12.00pm only wake up.. hahaha.. then to pasar (foodcourt) took my lunch + breakfast... then bus to kl at 2.15pm... as usual bus arrive at my place 2.45pm as depart from ipoh town... bout 5.00pm arrive at KL.. took mee cup for my dinner...



  1. yunlui~ were u bought tht instand noodle? it look so yummy! hahah how u recently? seldom see u in msn leh?

  2. Wah...food food food! Food is always tasty back at our own hometown hor?

    Btw, how come your instant noodle got mayo geh?

  3. Mandy - very seldom online liao lo.. mostly online a while during night time.. now working need to ZzZZz early.. hehe..

    L'abeilla - Japanese type of instant noodle.. mee goreng.. got mayo de.. this one not that nice..

    i ate one few years ago.. very nice.. but i couldn't recall what brand.. so now test and try lo..

  4. its good that yr bus was like a snail. i got frens that travel by bus regularly said that there are many buses driven by drivers from hell


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