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Monday, October 6, 2008

1st Day at new COMPANY

Today is my 1st day at ompany... after two weeks rest and start working again... very refreshing.. dont feel nervous or overexcited.. dont feel tired also...

As usual, 1st day of work reporting... Arrive at HR dept to submit all the forms and get the access card... Every in and out need to punch in using the computerized access card at HR dept.. So when on and off work everyday, all people sure jam outside the HR dept to punch their time.. hehe..

Greet my superior Mr. Wong and met all my colleagues with same dept.. Then department touring... went to few important department and I cannot really remember some of them... haha... cincai la.. remember the big boss liao...

This week I will be joining stokist training... there are two groups of it with different types of training.. so on and off i will be joining both group.. everyone wonder who am I when i joining the training coz I dont seems look like stockist.. hahaha...

END of the day.. overall very good day.... be waiting of tomorrow.. hehe..


  1. Waiting to hear more interesting stories at workplace

  2. Wan Wan,

    hope you enjoy the new environment.


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