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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Langkawi Trip - Day Four - 21st Oct 2008


Times flies so fast.. time to go back.... flight at 2.15pm... so by latest 1pm need to be at airport.. what a boring moment.. as need to wait for boarding... nothing to do at airport.. haihz... walk a while at Underwater World souvenir shop and took lunch at nearby mamak stall.. before heading to airport to check in... Suppose dropby "BERAS TERBAKAR" before return the car.. while we in the midst checking in at airport the agent called us and she on the way... alamak.. i dont have intention to return it yet as I still got one more place to go.. but my gang said now already 1pm la.. dont want to go lo... wait at airport la.. ok lo ok lo.. as u all wish... tick tock tick tock..

(giant lolipop - tak muat in my mouth)

(varieties of choco, liquor and cigar - cheap cheap)

(this one cost few thousand ringgit - got birth cert de - very limited edition)

(Lai Chee Kang)

(Maggie and mee goreng with blanket)

(Langkawi Airport - check in counter)

(ready for departure)

(the things we had grab)

That's alll... TATA langkawi... I will be back... hehe...

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