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Monday, October 27, 2008

Langkawi Trip - Day Three - 20th Oct 2008


After breakfast, and enjoyed a windy morning at Cenang Beach while watching a group of people riding the BANANA BOAT... very excited.. experience the banana boat ride before at Redang and Cenang... nice nice...

Before heading to Kuah Town, stopby at Laman Padi.. this is the first time I visit this place.. you can get near to the PADDY Field and how the paddy look like... the overall place quite big but due to not much visitor.. feeling a bit scary.. hahaha....

(Paddy Field - every square has different harvest time)

(the "pakcik" show us how to operate that "machine")

So paiseh ler.. the "machine" so heavy.. i hardly can pull and push the thing.... the "pakcik" passed by and saw us like having some difficulty.. He show us the technique... haha.. Pakcik very pro ler... haha....

(the paddy plant - so beautiful)

Beside can see the paddy field and get nearer to the paddy plant... there also a mini muzeum on about the paddy and rice... we as human eat rice everyday... not everyday also almost everyday... so so.. how many of us know about paddy and rice?? its a nice time to explore the mini muzeum...

(Rice Pot - like tempurung or fake hair - haha)

(variety of rice - sample in the packet)

(All equipment for the harvest the paddy)

Beside this, there also exhibit some of the equipment for catching fish... at paddy field also can got fish de... like eel... some extra income or food for the paddymen lo.. those days earnning a penny not that easy especially for farmer... wanna eat fish i think quite expensive also.. (I THINK)...

(different types of catching fish equipments)

(so kampung look)

After a nice visit at Laman Padi, we go Kuah Town to shop for something something lo.. haha.. whatelse if not choco, liquor and and cigar?? hehe.. A lots shop available at Kuah Town selling these type of things... so compare the prices as you want as its might differ from up to RM5.00 for same product... however, how expensive selling at Langkawi, is still cheaper at KL la.. LANGKAWI is duty free ma...

(Pic 1 - waiting area and Pic 2 - queue to get on board)

(Ferry Ferry Ferry)

Evening time, the three little mermaids "mandi laut" at Cenang Beach... luckily is warm... the waves is medium.. so nice for swimming and some little fun at the sea.. hehe... very cloudy coz seems want to rain soon.. so cant see the sunset.. too bad.. after bathing at the beach.. rest a while and thinking where to have our final dinner at Langkawi Island... dont wish to go out town as lasy to drive so far.. 40 minutes lo.. so just thinking where to eat at along Cenang... time passing tick tock tick tock.. hungry hungry... so we choose CASABLANCA restaurant... why? simply because love the name.. hehe.. very expensive restaurant lo... but nvm la.. still havent overbudget...

(sour lime, orange and watermelon juice)

(very big prawn mantis - chinese herb - yummy - very fresh)

(steam fish - thai style - yummy - charcoal style)

(fried chicken with thai sauce - so so only)

(choy tam - kailan)

(aiyoo !! how come so blurry de - belum makan i think)

That's all for today.... bed time... very tired.... haihz.... goodnite...



  1. e
    The country is looks like my home town where is SiChuan of china!

  2. First time I saw a paddy museum. Nice

  3. the padi field is always a nice place to take good pictures


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