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Sunday, September 28, 2008

sbread - Mid Valley (Closed)

Had a very nice breakfast at MidValley as arrived early and looking something special to satisfy my hunger... just tried this something different... Actually a thick toast.. but not those traditional type.. take a look.. i let the picture explain it all...

(chocolate charcoal thick toast - for choco lover)

(Pandan Kaya Sesame Thick Toast)

(sesame toast - see the sesame?? - personally i love this one)

(limited menu - havent try? - why not give it go?)
So as traditional breafast at kopitiam, my sister and I order very traditional drink and serve in traditional cup....

(Cham = coffee + tea - correct?)


This small little cafe located at Midvalley at a small corner.. might not notice even u passby it.. hehe... take a look of the interior so may be u can recall when you passby it...

This little cafe also got website de lo... may be can save it for future reference.. hehe.. According to the board, originally from thailand wor..

Finally attached also some funny funny pic.. hehe.. enjoy... remember go try.. I will be back there again....


  1. Wow..it really look nice and tasty..but i think sure the price is not traditional also..hehe

  2. Wow the chocolate one look damn nice leh.. Yeah, I am curious about the pricing as well..

  3. very reasonable.. from 3.90 onward.. the pricing depends on the selection of type of bread and filling...

    its affordable...


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