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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Old Town White Coffee Cafe - Berjaya Times Square

Old Town White Coffee cafe is like mushroom popping at everywhere in kuala lumpur... I wonder why mushrooming at KL and not Ipoh? I think KL's folk more happening than Ipoh's folk.. Beside big city's folk always miss (rindu) kampung style of food.. Its very good move for Old Town White Coffee cafe to start the operation at KL... And some outlet do operate 24 hours.. One of it locate at Taman Midah, Cheras.

My first visit to Old Town White Coffee cafe, Berjaya Times Square outlet..

(exactly like those days)

So i look look and see see, only got these type of place for me to sit.. aiyah.. me lazy people ma.. need to paid back de chair.. hahaha.. okok.. since i'm in hurry to have my little meal.. okok.. just sit sit sit... start flipping the menu... remember when Old Town Town cafe first started its operation at KL about two three years ago, there are little choice in the menu... Now really a lots la... how to choose leh?? hehe...

(the menu)

(my sis busy tick tick the menu for me and herself)

(pepper and soy sauce - on the table)

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock... hehe.. where is my food? my food? foood.. u faster come la.. me miss u so much.. wuahahaha.... actually me hungry la... patiently waiting the food to serve... tick tock tick tock... me hungry la.. that's y one minute like one day.. hahahahhaa..

(white coffee ice - my only favourite)

(nasi lemak rendang ayam - my sis favorite)

(nasi pulut - for me a bit pricey - very small portion)

(as usual - butter and kaya toast - definitely cannot miss)

(my sis busy makan makan the nasi lemak + rendang ayam)

For my personal opnion, the price very reasonable for this type of cafe environment and far more better than mamak stall.. the decor also worth the value lo..


  1. I like their Iced Hazelnut Coffee.

  2. i'm a regular patron of old town white coffee in ipoh, coz they have wifi service! ;p

  3. malaysians are quite used to havin simple meals (albeit more expensive) at such cafes than at food courts

  4. Joesephine - i nv try the Hazelnut coffee .. i will give it a try when my next stop there...

    mummy in vain - many place also got wifi wor.. y particular old town ah? hehe

    johnny on - probably due to air-con lo..


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