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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Izzi Cafe - Bukit Bintang (Closed)

Since 65% n off promotion for CITIBANK cardholder will end 31st August 2008, my friends and I decide to give it a try... this is really a best deal ever.. 65% wor.. hehehe...

(quite cosy place.. nice...)

(nice table decor... with bottomless ice lemon tea)

Since there is 65% off for bill above RM100.00 (food only - not for drink and desert) and we have four person.. so we decide to order sth a bit pricey that we not really afford usually.. since everyone order main course.. we not order the pizza.. may be next time...

(Beef lagsania - very big - enough for 2 person if main course and 4 person if side dish)

(creamy pasta - very nice the sauce)

( Dory fish - yummy)

(Chicken fillet with fried pasta - thumbs up - goooooood)

All the above four main courses very nice... good.. very satisfying.. hehe... look the picture below.. my two frenz very enjoying the foodie.. hehe...

(Strawberry milkshake & Vanilla milkshake)

Very full ler... phews.. so what's next?? time for desert lo.. kekeke... the desert bar too attractive until cant resist ler... when u enter the cafe, first thing catch ur eye is thsert fridge lo.. just right away at the entrance.. hehehee.... all the desert RM4.90.. cheap leh.. kekeke

(not sure the name - choco volcanic)

(mango mouse)

Very enjoying the meal especially because of 65% off promo.. hahaha...if got next promo definitely pay a visit again.. for the pizza.... yummy... hehe...

Izzi Cafe - Jalan Sultan Ismail (Opposite McDonald Bukit Bintang)

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